Using Vitamin C for fertility

Using Vitamin C for fertility

Natural fertility isn't just about getting the woman healthy. Up to 30% of couples that struggle with infertility do so because of male factor, and another 30% have combined issues. So nutrition is equally important in men - their bodies must be nourished with the correct nutrients to support sperm production as well as the quality of the sperm. Using vitamin C for fertility can have a positive effect on the health of the couple; higher progesterone levels for her, healthier sperm for him.

Using Vitamin C for male factor infertility

One University of Texas study has shown that increasing the daily amount of Vitamin C in men helps them produce more sperm, stronger sperm, and more mobile sperm. Sometimes the sperm count rose over ten times when men started ingesting the healthy amount of vitamin C.

Another small study about vitamin C and fertility, done in Kentucky in 2006, showed that twice daily supplementation of 1000 mg for a maximum of 2 months increased the count and motility, demonstrating the significance of vitamin C for male infertility.

Basically, it's thought that because vitamin C is an antioxidant, it helps to protect the sperm and it's DNA from damage thereby increasing the sperm quality. Sperm with damaged DNA can fail to thrive at all or fail to allow for conception. And in some circumstances, it's the damaged DNA that causes birth defects or a failure for the baby to thrive.

So basically, vitamin C helps to neutralize any chemicals or toxins found in the semen from things like environmental pollution, or smoking. (Another reason to quit before you try to conceive!)