Stop Poisoning Your Family And Yourself: Never Reheat These 7 Foods !

Stop Poisoning Your Family And Yourself: Never Reheat These 7 Foods !

You can eat your lunch, but you have leftovers left. What has to be done? Of course, you reheat it.

But, when it's reheated, not every food is good at all. When you reheat some foods, they lose their nutritious values and can cause damage to our organism.
We present you these 7 foods which no matter how hungry you are and have nothing else in the fridge, you should never reheat.

  • Celery:

If you reheat celery, just like spinach, the nitrates which are consisted in it will transform into nitrites.

Celery is mostly used in soups, and we often make more soup so it could last for couple of days. However, this is a big mistake. Before reheating the soup, firstly, you should remove the celery. The same goes for carrots too.

  • Potato:

Potatoes are an essential part of our diet. They are consumed in different ways and potatoes are very useful for us. But, problem comes when we have to eat them the same day when we cook them, so they won't lose their useful benefits. If we eat them another day or if we reheat them, this would make them dangerous for our health and our body.

  • Chicken:

Chicken as potatoes can cause serious damage to your organism, if you eat it the day after it's cooked. What can cause some digestive problems is the structure of the proteins in the meat which changes the following day. Chicken meat contains more proteins than red meat, so it is not recommended to reheat it. If you have to eat chicken, reheat it on a very low temperature for a long period or eat it cold.

  • Spinach:

Nitrates are consisted in the spinach, so that when it is reheated nitrates are transformed into nitrites. This makes spinach carcinogenic for our organism. This is the reason why you should not reheat it and you should only eat it when you have just cooked it.

  • Beets:

Because they contain nitrites, beets are another food that is not supposed to be reheated.

  • Mushrooms:

If you reheat mushrooms, they are the most dangerous of all these foods. Do not reheat them, just eat them right after they are cooked or eat them cold. There is a chance of heart and digestive problems, if you eat reheated mushrooms.

  • Eggs:

Reheated boiled or fried eggs are also very harmful for us so it is better to eat them cold than reheat them.

So, it is advisable to eat these types of food as soon as they are cooked. You will avoid potential health problems if you avoid reheating them.